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  • ISO 13485:2016
  • ГОСТ ISO 22716-2013

Gels for RF lifting

RF lifting is the effect of radio wave radiation on the dermis and partially on the subcutaneous fat, as a result of which structural changes occur in the tissues. As a result of selective heating of the dermis to a certain temperature, collagen fibers are hydrated and restructured, fibroblasts are stimulated through aseptic inflammation, which leads to an increase in skin turgor and tone, a decrease in the severity or elimination of ptosis, stretch marks, and skin laxity. In the case of fractional exposure, with skin damage, lifting is performed by thermal ablation of skin areas, which are then regenerated. As a result of the procedure, collagen remodeling occurs on the part of the pancreas, accelerates the breakdown and utilization of fats, and stimulates microcirculation.

For RF-lifting, it is optimal to use Mediagel-T, which contains glycerin and provides long-term contact of the patient's body with the device's manipula, gel with collagen hydrolyzate and Aloe Vera from the Body series, as well as other contact gels, if the design of the device does not require a specialized tool attached to the device.

Elcorapan Gel Elcorapan Gel
Thanks to the unique salts from Ostrovnoye mud lake, similar in chemical composition to the Dead Sea salts, the Elcorapan gel improves lymph and blood flow, boosts the regeneration of muscle and bone tissues, normalizes metabolic processes in the body, and has analgesic, anti-inflammatory and pronounced lymphodraining properties .
NEO Age Control Gel NEO Age Control Gel
NEO series products contain a unique phospholipid complex with dihydroquercetin, an agent created using nanotechnology.
Vitamin Gel Vitamin Gel
The gel has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects.
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