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Natural cosmetics THE U

Toner with acids Renew Skin Toner Toner with acids Renew Skin Toner
It is a toner for oily and combination skin prone to the formation of comedones and inflammation. Suitable for skin with hyperkeratosis for gentle exfoliation of keratinized cells.
Keep Calm Serum Keep Calm Serum
This active serum is recommended for daily care for dehydrated, damaged, irritated and sensitive skin.
Keep calm toner Keep calm toner
This toner with centella and laminaria extracts deeply moisturizes the skin, has a pronounced soothing effect, relieves inflammation, and accelerates skin healing.
Tone Up Hydra Essence  Tone Up Hydra Essence
Moisturizing, toning, fighting with free radicals, helping rapid regeneration.
Scrub-mask Coffee Break The U Scrub-mask Coffee Break The U
Soft natural scrub mask based on fermented pomegranate extract. Gently cleanses the skin with a finely ground powder of coffee beans and enzymes, promotes skin renewal. It makes the complexion fresher and restores the protective barrier, evens out the tone and relief of the skin, and prevents the formation of "black spots".
Favorite cleansing gel Favorite cleansing gel
Gently cleanses the skin without leaving a feeling of tightness and discomfort. Suitable for daily use.
Must have toner Must have toner
This soft toner based on herbal extracts is designed to restore pH balance. Panthenol and aloe vera juice soothe the skin, while calendula, rosehip, linden and clover extracts have an antiseptic effect.
True baby-face serum True baby-face serum
Serum against the first signs of aging. Effective in combating dull complexion, signs of "tired skin" and the first wrinkles.
Your Fresh Head Scrub Your Fresh Head Scrub
A natural salt-based scrub that will appeal to any person who cares about the beauty and health of their hair.
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