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Anti-aging cream Rich&Restore Anti-aging cream Rich&Restore
This light cream with a velvety texture provides intensive care for dry and normal skin, including skin with hypersensitivity, with age-related changes (fine wrinkles, decreased elasticity, dehydration, impaired barrier function). Due to active ingredients in its formula, the cream has a complex effect, providing an effective solution for anti-aging.
Keep calm toner Keep calm toner
This toner with centella and laminaria extracts deeply moisturizes the skin, has a pronounced soothing effect, relieves inflammation, and accelerates skin healing.
Hand cream Ceramides&Prebiotics Hand cream Ceramides&Prebiotics
for hands and cuticles, suitable for all skin types, especially dry and dehydrated.
Revitalizing cream NMF-protection Revitalizing cream NMF-protection
Intensive moisturizing and nutrition, day and night care
Firming eye cream Ceramides & Peptides Firming eye cream Ceramides & Peptides
For mature, dry, dehydrated and sensitive skin around the eyes
Antioxidant Hydrophilic Cleansing Oil Antioxidant Hydrophilic Cleansing Oil
Antioxidant Cleansing Oil is designed for gentle and deep cleansing of all skin types, including sensitive ones. It can be used in both home and professional care. The product must be stored in a dry and cool place away from direct sunlight.
Pore-minimizing mask Sebobalance Pore-minimizing mask Sebobalance
Anti-inflammatory mask for the care of oily, combination and problem skin.
Exfoliating Lotion Salicylic 2% Exfoliating Lotion Salicylic 2%

Exfoliating lotion with salicylic acid is indispensable for the care of skin with increased activity of the sebaceous glands, prone to inflammation and comedones. Also great for seborrheic areas of the body (back, chest, shoulders).

Mattifying Tonic Sebobalance Mattifying Tonic Sebobalance
Oily Skin Care Tonic is recommended to use to treat especially oily skin . It tightens the pores, normalizes the color and elasticity of the skin, minimizes inflammation. It is a perfect pore-tightening solution after a face cleansing of any kind. The salts from Ostrovnoye mud lake contain a large amount of minerals, trace elements and biologically active components, ensuring the gel’s high electrical conductivity and enhancing the lymphatic drainage effect. 

Antioxidant protection primer SPF30 Antioxidant protection primer SPF30
Invisible on the skin gel-primer with a high level of sun protection and a velvety finish is suitable for any phototype
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