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  • ГОСТ ISO 22716-2013

Anti-age skin care

Anti-aging cream Rich&Restore Anti-aging cream Rich&Restore
This light cream with a velvety texture provides intensive care for dry and normal skin, including skin with hypersensitivity, with age-related changes (fine wrinkles, decreased elasticity, dehydration, impaired barrier function). Due to active ingredients in its formula, the cream has a complex effect, providing an effective solution for anti-aging.
Keep calm toner Keep calm toner
This toner with centella and laminaria extracts deeply moisturizes the skin, has a pronounced soothing effect, relieves inflammation, and accelerates skin healing.
Hand cream Ceramides&Prebiotics Hand cream Ceramides&Prebiotics
for hands and cuticles, suitable for all skin types, especially dry and dehydrated.
Revitalizing cream NMF-protection Revitalizing cream NMF-protection
Intensive moisturizing and nutrition, day and night care
Firming eye cream Ceramides & Peptides Firming eye cream Ceramides & Peptides
For mature, dry, dehydrated and sensitive skin around the eyes
Antioxidant Serum C-Energy Antioxidant Serum C-Energy
Antioxidant serum C-Energy is the ideal remedy for all city dwellers and sun lovers.
True baby-face serum True baby-face serum
Serum against the first signs of aging. Effective in combating dull complexion, signs of "tired skin" and the first wrinkles.
Cream-serum Retiderm 0.5 Cream-serum Retiderm 0.5
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The ideal product for aging skin, skin prone to inflammation, with blackheads, oily shine, and enlarged pores. 
Serum Concentrate 5 peptides Serum Concentrate 5 peptides
New on sale!
A lightweight gel concentrate with powerful anti-aging properties. The formula contains 5 types of peptides that specifically target all the factors in the formation of photo- and chrono-aging signs.
Serum Stoptime 25 Serum Stoptime 25

The Stop Time 25 serum combines the most effective anti-aging ingredients with antioxidant and moisturizing properties.
The serum is designed for skin with signs of photo- and chrono-aging. It helps improve skin firmness and smoothness, prevent uneven skin tone and the appearance of couperosis.
Anti Acne Alphaderm Anti Acne Alphaderm
For all skin types with signs of photo- and chronoaging, for skin with uneven tone, with a tendency to inflammation, hyperkeratosis, pigmentation, post-acne
Miorelax Serum Miorelax Serum
Miorelax is an intensive serum with a Botulinum Toxin A-resembling effect. It is designed to reduce the depth of existing wrinkles and prevent the formation of new ones.
Cream-serum Retiderm 0.25 Cream-serum Retiderm 0.25
Cream-serum Retiderm 0.25 is a light, creamy serum containing 0.25% of active retinol of two types: free and encapsulated in liposomes. The serum cream effectively fights against wrinkles and other signs of photo- and chrono-aging, pigmentation, inflammation, loss of elasticity, enlarged pores, evens the skin relief and significantly improves its complexion.
Eye moisturizer with lifting effect Eye moisturizer with lifting effect
The creamy serum eliminates puffiness, reduces dark circles in the around eye area, improves the protective and renewal functions of the skin.
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