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  • ISO 13485:2016
  • ГОСТ ISO 22716-2013

Whitening, pigmentation prevention

Gel Retiderm 1.0 Gel Retiderm 1.0
Antioxidant Serum C-Energy Antioxidant Serum C-Energy
Antioxidant serum C-Energy is the ideal remedy for all city dwellers and sun lovers.
Cream-serum Retiderm 0.5 Cream-serum Retiderm 0.5
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The ideal product for aging skin, skin prone to inflammation, with blackheads, oily shine, and enlarged pores. 
Anti Acne Alphaderm Anti Acne Alphaderm
For all skin types with signs of photo- and chronoaging, for skin with uneven tone, with a tendency to inflammation, hyperkeratosis, pigmentation, post-acne
Cream-serum Retiderm 0.25 Cream-serum Retiderm 0.25
Cream-serum Retiderm 0.25 is a light, creamy serum containing 0.25% of active retinol of two types: free and encapsulated in liposomes. The serum cream effectively fights against wrinkles and other signs of photo- and chrono-aging, pigmentation, inflammation, loss of elasticity, enlarged pores, evens the skin relief and significantly improves its complexion.
Cream Multiprotector SPF50+ oil free Cream Multiprotector SPF50+ oil free

Multiprotector cream is recommended for skin protection against the damaging effects of ultraviolet (UVA/UVB), HEV radiation and infrared radiation (IR). Cream contains several UV filters: a physical filter in nanoform (in the form of very small particles), which does not whiten the skin when applied, and the most modern chemical filters that prevent not only photoaging, but also damage to DNA cells.

Refreshing tonic with AHA-acids Refreshing tonic with AHA-acids
Refreshing tonic with AHA-acids accelerates the renewal of the epidermis, helps to whiten skin and eliminate pigmentation, has an anti-inflammatory effect, evens tone and microrelief, increases the level of skin moisture .

Pectin Enzyme Mask Pectin Enzyme Mask
promotes the natural peeling process, prepares the skin for toning and moisturizing, and increases the effectiveness of cosmetic products that will be applied to the skin after the mask.
Pectin Revival Gel Pectin Revival Gel
Gel used to treat dehydrated skin with disorders of pigmentation and elasticity.
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