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  • ГОСТ ISO 22716-2013

Care for skin around the eyes

Revitalizing cream NMF-protection Revitalizing cream NMF-protection
Intensive moisturizing and nutrition, day and night care
Firming eye cream Ceramides & Peptides Firming eye cream Ceramides & Peptides
For mature, dry, dehydrated and sensitive skin around the eyes
Serum Concentrate 5 peptides Serum Concentrate 5 peptides
New on sale!
A lightweight gel concentrate with powerful anti-aging properties. The formula contains 5 types of peptides that specifically target all the factors in the formation of photo- and chrono-aging signs.
Ceramide SkinSaver Gel Ceramide SkinSaver Gel
Anhydrous gel with bio-ceramide complex and other structural elements of the epidermis hydrolipidic mantle, vitamins and antioxidants. The gel has a silky, pleasant texture and protects damaged skin from adverse environmental impact and temperature. It instantly soothes, softens irritated, dry skin, moisturizes it and eliminates flaking, including after damaging cosmetic procedures. It can be used as an aid in cases of atopic dermatitis accompanied by dry skin and flaking, as well as a protective agent against temperature changes in the cold season. Perfect as a base (primer) for make-up, as well as for the care for lips, cuticles and periocular area, for regular care for very dry skin and other areas of the body.

Miorelax Serum Miorelax Serum
Miorelax is an intensive serum with a Botulinum Toxin A-resembling effect. It is designed to reduce the depth of existing wrinkles and prevent the formation of new ones.
ProbioSkin Serum ProbioSkin Serum
ProbioSkin Serum is an ideal regenerating agent for skin with impaired immune response and a damaged protective barrier. Regardless of the cause of the disorder, be it stress, inflammation, rosacea or the consequences of aggressive skincare, the complex of pro and prebiotic components normalizes the balance of microflora, supporting the vital activity of beneficial microorganisms and suppressing the reproduction of pathogens.
Eye moisturizer with lifting effect Eye moisturizer with lifting effect
The creamy serum eliminates puffiness, reduces dark circles in the around eye area, improves the protective and renewal functions of the skin.
Antioxidant mix “VitaMatrix” Antioxidant mix “VitaMatrix”
“VitaMatrix” is antioxidant-rich creamy serum with Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Vitamin E.
Eye Care Gel Eye Care Gel
Eye Care Gel removes puffiness and circles under the eyes, bleaches pigmentation spots and freckles, moisturizes and nourishes the skin around the eyes, improves skin texture and smoothes it, and repairs small wrinkles. 
Cleansing Lotion Cleansing Lotion
Cleansing Lotion efficiently removes all kinds of make-up and impurities from the face.
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