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Hydration and nourishment (creams, fluids)

Intimate Gel
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Intimate cleansing gel is ideal for cleansing the most sensitive areas of your body.
Firming eye cream Ceramides & Peptides
For mature, dry, dehydrated and sensitive skin around the eyes
Your megapolis cream SPF 10
Moisturizing cream against the first signs of aging. Suitable for all skin types as a day cream or make-up base.
Night Moisturizer
Night Moisturizer nourishes, restores and hydrates the skin during sleep.
Cream for Combination Skin SPF 15
Cream for Combination Skin SPF 15 moisturizes the skin without weighting it, also protects it from UV radiation and other negative environmental factors.
Eye moisturizer with lifting effect
The creamy serum eliminates puffiness, reduces dark circles in the around eye area, improves the protective and renewal functions of the skin.
Antioxidant mix “VitaMatrix”
“VitaMatrix” is antioxidant-rich creamy serum with Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Vitamin E.
Nourishing massage cream SPA-Orange
The cream is rich in nutrients and active ingredients .
Moisturizing Cream
Moisturizing Cream nourishes the skin and protects it from UV radiation and other kinds of damage.
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