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Active ingredients:
hyaluronic acid, sulfur, Aloe Vera latex, polyvinyl pyrrolidone
Shelf life:
3 years
Field of use:
professional use and home care
Anti-demodex gel for facial skin care . Recommended for preventing and treating of inflammatory skin diseases of different origins: acne, acneiform rash, couperosis, demodicosis . Features antiinflammatory, anti-parasitic, cleansing, moisturizing and nourishing action, stimulates the regeneration of the epidermal layer of the skin . Hyaluronic acid in the formula moisturizes and tightens the skin . Sulfur has antiseptic, anti-parasitic, anti-inflammatory properties and contributes to the formation of epidermal cells . Aloe Vera latex has an anti-inflammatory effect, eliminates irritation, flaking and dryness of the skin . Thanks to polyvinyl pyrrolidone, Demoten quickly and effectively cleanses the skin from all kinds of contamination. 

Field of use
professional use and home care
Method of use
Apply to a cleansed face and massage over the skin. Do not rinse. Apply "Demoten" daily 1 time per day before going to bed after cleansing for the prevention of inflammatory skin diseases. With severe symptoms of inflammation - 2 times per day, morning and evening. It is not recommended to apply on the eyelids, as this can cause an allergic reaction. It is recommended to apply Blepharogel 2 to eyelids.


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An eyelid make-up removal and cleaning (scales, crusts, dust) gel . Effectively removes all kinds of residue and make-up from eyelid skin and margins . Can be used, if conventional products are not recommended due to inflammation taking place . Blepharon-сleansing has an anti-inflammatory effect, relieves itching and irritation .
Blepharon 2
An indispensable tool for the treatment of eyelid demodicosis and blepharitis - inflammations of the eyelid edges accompanied by itching and loss of eyelashes.
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