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  • ISO 13485:2016
  • ГОСТ ISO 22716-2013

Colorless Mediagel of Medium Viscosity

Colorless Mediagel of Medium Viscosity
Colorless Mediagel of Medium Viscosity
A gel for ultrasound transmissions, Doppler sonography, physiotherapy and cosmetology. Features lower viscosity than Mediagel of High Viscosity. Effective for all types of transmissions. The gel is also used in laser cosmetology.

The gel serves as an effective contact medium for ultrasound transmission and therapy when using domestic or imported equipment. The gel is applied directly to the transducer or the patient's body, is easy to spread over the skin, does not smear, and dries up slowly, ensuring a lasting sliding effect and a full contact between the transducer and the patient's body. After completing the transmission, the gel is easily removed with a tissue or rinsed off with water. The gel does not stain clothes, cause allergy or damage the transducers, and is water-soluble.
Viscosity: 18,0–23,0 Pa•s (Brookfield RVDVII+Pro/SC4-29/30 rot/min., shear rate (7,5±0,1)•s-1, 23оС);
pH: 6,0-8,0
Acoustic impedance: 1,52•106 kg/m2•s
Packaging: 1 box - 4 canisters (5 kg each) / 20 bottles (1 kg each) / 40 bottles (0.25 kg each).
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