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Chief health resort physician, E.A. Kurnyavkina, C.M.S.

The Elcorapan gel has been in use at our health resort for many years as a contact medium for various physical therapy procedures (phonophoresis and galvanization), as well as for massage. We have noted its high tolerability, the absence of side effects and a favorable trend in clinical manifestations after using it to treat patients with various diseases of the joints, spine and skin. The Elcorapan gel with mineral mud lake salts meets the requirements of modern medical practice, is simple and easy to use, and can be recommended for physiotherapy and home use.

Chief physician of the Municipal Clinical Hospital №63 of the Moscow Health Department, V.A. Kalinin

The Municipal Clinical Hospital №63 has used gels for ultrasound and electrophysiological studies produced by Geltek-Medica for years. Our experts note the high quality of the Conductive Gel ultrasound gel, which is on par with its foreign counterparts in its properties and characteristics. No allergic reactions have been observed when using the Conductive Gel.

Chief physician of the Family Planning and Reproduction Center of the Moscow Health Department, M.A. Kurtser

The Family Planning and Reproduction Center of the Moscow Health Department, a state healthcare institution, has been using medical ultrasound gels produced by Geltek-Medica for many years. The universal ultrasound gels are of high quality, enable a clear visualization for ultrasound studies in obstetrics and gynecology, and their characteristics are comparable with foreign counterparts. Geltek-Medica is characterized by an exceptional service culture. Orders are taken carefully and executed efficiently and in a timely manner.

President of the Russian Association of Medical Ultrasound Diagnostic Specialists, V.V. Mitkov

Studies made by various companies using ultrasonic diagnostic systems of all classes have shown that the Conductive Gel for ultrasound (Geltek, Russia) does not differ from its Western counterparts in sound conductivity, acoustic impedance or viscosity. Based on the results of the multicenter study, the Association recommends the use of the Conductive Gel for ultrasound studies in medical institutions of the Russian Federation.

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