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  • ISO 13485:2016
  • ISO 22716:2007
Our goals are
  • Creating products that really help people solve their skin problems, instead of giving them just another worthless promise.
  • Reducing environmental impact by optimizing production and packaging.
  • Teaching our clients to better understand the needs of their skin and select just the right care for their problems.
  • Building a transparent system in which the manufacturer is candid to their customers about advantages and disadvantages of a specific products.
  • Striving for a high level of education and involvement among employees and consumers not through marketing efforts and advertising budgets, but through developing a solid expertise in cosmetology, cosmetic chemistry and production technologies.

Our ideals

We want our grandchildren to have a habitable planet, and we do our best to protect basic natural resources.

What we do in this regard:
  • we improve water treatment at our manufacturing site to use water more efficiently.
  • we avoid cardboard boxes where possible.

We value modern technologies for the opportunities they give us in minimizing damage to the planet and achieving more with less - that's whywe opt for high-tech solutions whenever possible.

What we do in this regard:
  • we constantly upgrade our equipment, use cutting-edge reactors, attend specialized exhibitions, and follow the latest innovations
  • we monitor raw materials market and experiment with new polymers to create gels

We believe that knowledge should be free. We stand for complete transparency of all processes, and we are ready to explain why we do what we do for each product we make.

What we do in this regard:
  • we regularly offer free webinars and seminars
  • we run a video blog
  • we consult and advise regarding skin care at home

We stand for product safety and quality. We value efficiency, ease of use, organoleptic and hypoallergenic properties over marketing qualities (color, smell, organic raw materials).

What we do in this regard:
  • we study the market of preservatives, conduct experiments on their substitution and improvement of the conservation system
  • we avoid excessive use of odorants and dyes for the sake of marketing purposes

We are against any radicalism and firmly stand for a scientific approach. Marketing tales about alpine meadows and mountain air will not make your skin better, and our products will.

What we do in this regard:
  • we conduct two-stage product effectiveness studies, and we release the product to the market only when we have sufficient evidence that the product will really work.
  • we cooperate with only trusted suppliers of raw materials
  • we constantly study and test new ingredients to improve effectiveness

We are committed to gender equality and are against any gender stereotypes. We value people not for their gender or age, but for their professional skills.

What we do in this regard:
  • our company was founded by a woman, Natalya Antonovna Vengerova
  • women account for 90% of the top management in our company
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